Reading Discussion 06 – June 10, 2020


Topics to Discuss

  • Case study
    • Design as “Minority discipline”
    • Research design had designer co-interpret their own work process
    • KM analysis by TOOLS vs METHODS
    • Tools – visual sharing
    • Methods – narrative sharing
    • Sharing knowledge before and after a client pitch
  • Grounded Theory
    • Just go through highlighted topics
    • Focus on categorization example – perception of self competence
  • Thesis proposal structure
    • Walk through steps

Discussion Notes

This is gold!!

  • Be careful about examining too many phases
  • You may focus on just 1 phase
  • Ex. The doing of work and not the winning of work

Card Sorting

  • Confirmatory vs. constructive

Remote Interviews

  • Plan/expect to conduct remote interviews
  • This is simpler and more convenient

Thesis Proposal Structure

  1. Problem; why does it matter (small)
  2. Literature review
  3. Methods; how
    • Who, what, when, where, why…
  4. Conclude with problem; why it matters, again